Antenatal Classes ~ Childbirth Preparation ~ Dad to Be ~ Birth Partner

These workshops are for mothers & their birth partners. The aim is for mothers & their birth partners to feel calm, positive and confident as they approach labour and childbirth.  We will explore:

  • common problems encountered in pregnancy and how to ease symptoms
  • partner yoga you can do together at home
  • breathing and relaxation techniques for pregnancy
  • mother’s breath – breathing to feel connected to your body and your baby, to feel calm , to ease labour
  • mother’s pelvis – pelvic mapping, positions and movements to maximise space in the pelvis during labour & birth
  • positions and movements to ease the sensations of labour and enable mother to birth lightly: positive interventions
  • pain coping techniques
  • how your birth partner can support & nurture you in all these ways and more
  • the beautiful symphony of hormones during labour & birth
  • ways to relax, restore and recover with a new baby
  • establishing breastfeeding & how your partner can support you & your baby

These workshops is all about you and your experience of labour, childbirth & new parenthood.  It is designed to ensure that you & your birth partner feel informed, relaxed and positive about your baby’s arrival earthside.

When booking, you will be invited to suggest aspects of labour & childbirth that you would especially like to be covered.  Lucy is a La Leche League Leader, offering free breastfeeding support & information, and there will be the opportunity to cover the early days of breastfeeding at the workshop.

The workshops run in three stages, usually on Saturdays or Sundays, and you can attend one or all of the sessions.

The sessions are:

1.  Mid pregnancy – from 20-30 weeks (2 hours)

2.  Late pregnancy – from 30-35 weeks (2 hours)

3.  Preparing for birth – from 34 weeks (3 hours)

2 hour sessions ~ £20; 3 hour session £30 or book all three in advance for £60

Please feel free to contact Lucy with any questions or queries.

Details of the next dates can be found here


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