Yoga, Mama…

I’m often asked why yoga is good for women during pregnancy…it is a hard question to answer, because yoga in pregnancy has so many benefits & can enhance a woman’s experience in myriad ways…#


So I was thinking about some stereotypes (you might feel you fit one or you might feel they all apply…this is just an excuse to tell you why yoga is good for YOU ;D…)

Mama #1 – In Control…keep busy & carry on…you are always busy, life is scheduled in your diary & you’ve synced Google with Outlook & Out of Milk…nothing happens without a plan…you research every option…you know your rights…you don’t want to feel out of control in labour…you won’t make a fuss or moan or scream…you want to stay *in control*…Labour can be a shock to you, unexpected events, sensations & emotions can throw you off your meticulous birth plan…Birth & babies don’t do schedules…yoga will help you surrender and feel your way through, getting you in touch with your instincts & your ancient brain…yoga will help you simply be…and allow you to experience your pregnancy, labour, birth & beyond instead of striving to *do* everything…

Mama #2 – Go with the flow…take the path of least resistance…you may not need to learn the art of surrender but instead yoga can give you a sense of purpose & ownership of your body & your pregnancy…Don’t feel you must go with the flow just because…this is your baby, your body, your experience…Instead of going along with what you are *allowed* to do realise that those around you are honoured to be with you…let them support you but ask for what you need, for what you want…go with the flow from a place of peace rather than be left feeling like a pushover…Yoga will allow you to remain mindful and retain your easy nature so that if things do not always go to plan, then you can feel calm and accepting knowing that you have made decisions, been involved, that you have been respected & treated with dignity and that you have consented in awareness rather than from habit…

Mama #3 – Scared and afraid…can’t do this, can’t stand pain…Yoga can help you connect with your body, your breath and your baby in a way that little else will…Feel the beauty & miracle of your changing body, appreciate your innate strength, grace & power…as Ina May would say, you will realise that your body is not a lemon…You will begin to feel comfortable in your skin, confident that your body was born for this journey…you will begin to feel calm as you learn how mindful breath and simple pain coping practices will allow you to experience the powerful combination of oxytocin and your other mothering hormones to guide & soothe your labour & birth experience…You will understand how birthing actively will mean that you can exploit the incredible design of the female pelvis to make more space for your baby to move through your bones…You will know that this is a great pure effort that you can make…

Yoga in pregnancy is about strength, stability and sanctuary….calm, connection, community…it is about trial, truth and trust…

In pregnancy, Yoga is about it is about your breath, your body, your birth, your baby…

And if you still don’t know whether it’s for you…come try it out, let the Yoga speak for itself, it’s much better than my blogging…

Bright blessings



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