A good man…

Be a good man…it can really make so much difference to your woman in labour…


Be positive – if your woman feels loved & adored, she will be more relaxed, it is better for your baby, and she will have that glowing beauty we admire in happy pregnant mothers….

Be attentive – whilst her bump grows practise saying “yes, my love, whatever you need, because as the mother of our child I will do anything to support you & demonstrate my love”…or you can just go with the asks & demands with a smile on your face & love in your heart ;D…when labour starts, you being ready to respond will help her navigate the labyrinth nature of childbirth…

Be ready & let her know that you are – make sure she knows she can contact you at any time, so if you travel for work, numbers of places you have to visit as well as your mobile, and if she packs a bag, pack your own – snacks, bottled water, change for snack machines & parking, phone charger, camera, change of clothes so that you can stay nearby without having to dash off for supplies.  If you’re planning to be home, know where the birth pool & its bits are, get the bed ready with a waterproof cover on the mattress & know where to find clean towels, sheets, extra blankets, pillows, stock the cupboards, make a sign for the door that reads “new parents falling in love with their baby, do not disturb”, let her know that you are protecting her space & anyone that comes in will be privileged & honoured to do so…

Offer her your love – your positive touch, your confident embrace, your deeply felt kiss, all flood her body with oxytocin, giving her a boost, helping her maintain labour & be ready to bond with your baby – and if you let yourself feel it too, you get that same big O boost & you’ll be ready to bond with your newborn…get ready to take that shirt off & get skin to skin, with your woman & your baby…

Learn some comfort measures, get to know about good movements & positions for labour, find out how to give her an anchor for her breath when the ocean of labour feels wide & scary for her, learn candle breath in case she needs to pause as your baby crowns, learn how to help her open her pelvis & find rest between rushes, practise foot rubs & back rubs now so that if your woman needs them in labour you feel confident & calm giving her what she wants…

Be a good man…your good woman needs you more than you imagine..



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